Cathy Keenan

Yoga & Qi Gong Instructor

I have has always been fascinated with the human body and its potential for deep healing. I started practicing yoga when I was 28 years old eager to learn how to move my body in different ways and change the trajectory of my life. My love of learning persuaded me to quit my day job as a producer at an animation company and go back to school to study Chinese Medicine.

Chinese medicine appealed to me because of its beautiful and metaphorical language around healing and the body. It views humans as an integral part of our environment and therefore looks at every aspect of our life as an important part of our evolution and healing.

I graduated and received my diploma in acupuncture when I was almost 9 months pregnant. Days after I delivered my baby boy I developed a rare pregnancy related disease called Post Partum Cardio Myopathy (heart failure). This experience, along with a slow recovery and becoming a new mother deeply impacted my understanding of health and healing. From this perspective I gradually began to change the way I practiced and taught. Over the years I have been a lululemon ambassador, practiced acupuncture, developed various types of workshops, yin yoga teacher training’s, retreats and classes that has combined yoga and the philosophy of Chinese medicine.

Today I enjoy taking an integrative approach to movement (inspired by yoga, Qi Gong, 5 Rhythms Dance, (and other curious ways of moving) while continuing to share the deep wisdom and my love of Chinese Medicine.