Nervous System Reset

April 13, 2024 2pm - 4:30pm

There is a magic moment in this workshop where we pause and simply sit. Meditation is effortless because we’ve interrupted the phrenic stream of thought waves. In yogic terms we have calmed the Chit Vrittis, the constant and relentless stream of thoughts. When the class collectively arrives into this state the atmosphere in the room is calm, peaceful and expansive. Together we sit connected to a power MUCH greater than ourself and naturally coalesce into the harmony with nature.

We use Tune Up Fitness massage therapy balls, primarily the Coregeous Ball, which is soft air filled ball resembling a Pilates ball. With the use of the Coregeous Ball we access the fascial web that holds us together and specifically address the belly, chest and neck all of which have direct link to the autonomic nervous system. We are able to down shift our nervous system to a state of rest, digest, tend and mend.