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Caduceus : Weaving the Sacred Masculine and Feminine Divine

June 4, 2023 5pm - 8:30pm

Join Jeff and Jada for an ecstatic evening of Breathwork, Movement Medicine, Ecstatic Dance and Shamanic Healing at The Alchemy Studio in Revelstoke!

Each Caduceus offering is a unique, inspired three hour spirit journey that will lead us into the depths of shadow hunting, emotional release, authentic expression and transmuting old energetic constructs to create luminous renewal.

We are collectively crafting a new destiny and we invite you to come awaken your inner alchemist and ignite your masculine and feminine potentials to create and birth a new vibration of love and unity for both yourself and the collective. Come help us breathe the New Earth into being!!

Each of these Caduceus journeys are unique in their theme and flow... if you have been to one, you will want to join us again as we evolve alongside you!!

Jeff is the founder of breathARMY. His mission is to educate, inspire and empower people to live to their true potential. He offers tools to break through the structures that hold us back from living and expressing that potential in the world.

Jeff has studied, mentored and trained with some of the world’s leading experts in breathwork and movement. Wim Hof, Brian Mackenzie, Patrick McKeown, Irene Lyon, Jhenneviev Heartt and David Shannahoff Khalsa are a few of the influences that have led to the creation of breathARMY, a unique offering of breathwork, movement modalities, meditation and exposure to nature and natural stressors that help us to reconnect to our true nature.

Jeff is certified in The Wim Hof Method(Advanced Instructor), Oxygen Advantage(Advanced Instructor), Buteyko Breathing, Nai’a Integrative Breathwork, has studied classical and advanced kundalini pranayama, is a registered 500 hr yoga teacher and a Smart Body Smart Mind Nervous System Apprentice. Jeff is an international best selling author, paramedic and resides in Kelowna, BC

Jada Fire Dakshina Kalika is the founder and creative director of Wolfkin. She and her tribal community bring you a vast and eclectic array of healing modalities and inspiration. Jada has been on an epic journey of evolving into a Shamaness in Ayni. Ayni is a Quechua word for reciprocity and right relationship. After a long and sinuous path of exploring healing arts and natural medicine, she has become devoted to healing her own soul's journey and that of the collective.

After decades of world travel, indigenous study and discovery of primal spirit, Jada has cultivated her own teacher training curriculums, retreats and online courses to awaken the inner healer and reclaim her divine innate integrity as a fierce feminine divine. Her passion and soul purpose is to amplify and empower you to become who you were born to be, to raise the vibration of love and joy and to say yes to life, luminosity, sensuality, spirituality and the creative awakening of the Earth Mother we are so yearning for.

Co-creating for the highest and greatest good, Jada brings her knowledge in herbology, plant spirit healing, dance medicine, expressive yoga, primordial teachings, the wild woman archetype and fine arts to the hearts of spirit seekers thriving to uncover their own truth. Jada is a grateful-tarian, Earth Keeper and full mesa carrier of the Incan lineage of Mountain Shamanism.

Jada was born on Long Island, New York, currently resides off grid near Lumby, BC. She is the author of Relinquish the Armor, 14 Ways to Illuminate Your Inner Fire and is the co creator and illustrator of the Ancient Animal Wisdom Deck.