Flora Petri

Yoga Instructor

Flora guides you to float with the waves of your breath, leading to stability in postures to strengthen body and spirit. The Yoga she is sharing ranges from powerful to gentle, finding connection with Mother Earth, journeying around an intention. Besides Vinyasa and Gentle Flow, she loves sharing deep, restful, nourishing Yin and Hatha classes. All bodies and levels of experience are welcome.

The practice of Yoga came to her in challenging times of grief and change. Feeling so much support over the years, the spark was kindled and she was hungry for more. India was calling her to attend her first 200 hour YTTC in Mysore, Karnataka, a very profound experience. Following the voice of her heart, she found herself in Cape Town, South Africa, to deepen her experiences and share more Yoga, attending a second 200 hour course. Learning is endless.

Taking care of people, creating a nourishing environment where they feel safe and held, is deeply fulfilling to her. The well-being of each individual ripples out like waves, softly washing over humanity, profoundly inspiring us to live in union and peace. Until recently, Flora taught at Maa Yoga and the North Shore Women’s Center in North Vancouver. Before that she ran and taught at a Yoga project in Ivory Coast. Sharing Yoga with children in challenging environments made her step into her power and expand on her knowledge of movement practice, both physical and mental. Flora is deeply passionate about Yoga, nature and vegan food and she looks forward to sharing her classes with you.